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About Us

Company Vision

“That’s a wrap!”- When a director says, the cinematographer stops rolling and a film gets ready to move into its final phase, we call it Post-Production. This final phase takes a story from reel to the screen and the new film takes birth. The tables of a post-production studio are just like processing machines where the crude materials get processed and given the final shape to be out for the market. So it’s also the crucial phase for quality control and packaging toward attractiveness.

With the perfect balance of experienced and promising team members and associates, Talky Studio has appeared in the field of film making extending their all over support for the filmmakers in Bengal. It’s a new age post-production house while bringing whole process of film making from conceptualizing to release and publicity, under a single umbrella. To make it easy for the filmmakers, their main motto is to reduce the technical and communicational hazards by constant cooperation and assistance, clear contract and guidance wherever needed. To find the value for your money, they are always in search of new ways to control the production budget without compromising the quality. And moreover they believe, transparency is the key for a successful and long-lasting association.

Director’s Note

According to Arijit, “During my last twelve years in this film industry, I found that the main challenge is to channelize the money and talents in the right path. People don’t know where to reduce the cost and where not to compromise for the sake of the film. We often do the wrong choices. Concept and technicalities are two pillars for a good film, which will have both the intellectual and salable components. So if the makers are ready with their concept and making, we are also ready from our end with our technical support towards a perfect partnership.”

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